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Saratoga County

One of the most unique and popular counties in Upstate New York, Saratoga County has stood the test of historical time. Present when the Iroquois first called the land “Sarachtogue” to its pivotal role as the “Turning Point of the American Revolution,” Saratoga County still makes a memorable impression. But it’s part of the namesake that truly made Saratoga County a worldwide name. As the “Queen of the Spas,” prominent names such as Martin Van Buren and J.P. Morgan can be found staying in town which helped influence the wealth and social eliteness Saratoga County is now known for today. Come visit us and experience arts with the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, history with the National Museums of Racing and Dance and fun at the Saratoga Race Track. There’s so much more to explore and see – come find out for yourself!

Saratoga Springs

We might be biased, but we think Saratoga Springs is the greatest city to live in! Whether you’re shopping local, dining out or taking part in a healthy activity, Saratoga Springs offers an activity for everyone. Home to horse racing, concerts, history, museums, gaming, mineral springs and much more, there’s always something to do. Shop downtown at any of our locally owned businesses on beautiful Broadway, try your luck at the Saratoga Race Track enjoy a performance on the lawn at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center or take a hike at the Saratoga Spa State Park. And don’t forget to try the healing and healthy mineral springs found at number locations throughout the city!

Saratoga Battlefield

Some would argue that the Revolutionary War might not have been won without the victory at Turning Point – and that happened right here in our backyard! The Saratoga Battlefield, home to history and American pride, is a great place for a visit even if you aren’t a history buff. Take a self-guided tour of the Schuyler House where General Philip Schuyler lived, the 155-foot Saratoga Monument which commemorates the American victories or the 22-acre Victory Woods where British General John Burgoyne and his troops camped out before surrendering. With themed events going on throughout the year, there’s never a bad time to brush up on your American History knowledge!


Saratoga Springs wouldn’t be Saratoga Springs if not for the natural mineral springs that populate our healthy city. With high-profile visitors such as the Vanderbilts coming for the springs’ health benefits way back when, the naturally carbonated springs are still frequented by visitors from all over. With springs located all throughout the city and categorized as having either cathartic (laxative), alkaline (antacid) or chalybeate (high in iron) qualities, you’re bound to run into one whether you meant to or not! Take a sip, or a gulp if you like, and know you experienced the best of the what the “Queen of Spas” has to offer!

Saratoga Spa State Park

Listed as a National Historic Landmark, the Saratoga Spa State Park has much more to offer than just some trees and grass. With 12 mineral springs throughout 800 acres and numerous hiking trails for all seasons (no, we don’t hide away in the winter!), the manliest of outdoorsmen (or women) will find the park to be full of adventure and exhilaration. But for those a bit fainter of heart, the park offers other great activities such as the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Spa Little Theater, National Museum of Dance, Saratoga Automobile Museum, Gideon Putnam Resort and Roosevelt Baths and Spa, Peerless Pool Complex and Saratoga Spa State Golf Course. Open year round, there’s never an excuse to not get outside and have fun in Saratoga!

Race Course

We’re proud to call Saratoga the home of the oldest continually operating Thoroughbred horse racing meet in the United States! Recognized as one of the top ten sporting venues in the world by Sports Illustrated it’s a must see spot on your visit to Saratoga. Spend a day at the race course, watching the horses warm up on the track as you eat breakfast and soaking up some sun as you place bets on the longshot. Open from July through Labor Day, a day spent at the track is a day never forgotten.


The summer home of the NYC City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center never ceases to be the center of entertainment in Saratoga. Spend an evening on the lawn or in the amphitheater listening and watching some of the greats from the Dave Matthews Band to Elton John at one of the world’s most acoustically acclaimed outdoor performance venues. SPAC is also known for hosting the Saratoga Jazz Festival and the Saratoga Wine and Food Festival, supporting the arts through and through.

Caffe Lena

Saratoga has coffee shops galore, but this is one you won’t want to miss. Widely recognized as the oldest continuously operated coffeehouses in the United States, Caffe Lena is a Saratoga treasure. Opened in 1960, Caffe Lena has held true to its beginning  as breathing in ideas, dreams and possibilities and breathing out music, poetry and theater now as a non-profit institution. So take a trip up the stairs to Caffe Lena and be rejuvenated through the power of art.

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