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Veterans Business Council

We believe in joining forces to support our Veterans and first-responders.

SCORE Small Business Services

We believe when entrepreneurs find a way to SCORE, we all win.

Healthy Saratoga

We believe being a healthy place to live is good for our economy.

Leap of Kindness Day

We believe making a Leap of Kindness exemplifies our finest day.

Saratoga County Foundation

The Saratoga County Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone in Saratoga County. The Foundation’s programs seek to engage everyone in a range of meaningful goals, including: ensuring Saratoga County is one of the healthiest places to live; ensuring Saratoga County is one of the best places to live for Veterans; and providing free mentoring and counseling to entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Engage & Inspire

The Foundation invented Leap of Kindness Day, in 2016, inspiring people around the world to use their extra day during Leap Year to do something kind for someone else and has facilitated community celebrations like Saratoga 150, in 2013, and the City’s restoration of the Excelsior Springs, during the Centennial in 2016.


“What started in Saratoga County as an idea to use the extra day in the calendar to help others, has spread across North America. #LeapOfKindnessDay”

Mark Mulholland, WNYT News Channel 13

Support the work of the Saratoga Chamber Foundation

Healthy Saratoga Movement
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