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Saratoga County

One of the most unique and popular counties in Upstate New York, Saratoga County has stood the test of historical time. Present when the Iroquois first called the land “Sarachtogue” to its pivotal role as the “Turning Point of the American Revolution,” Saratoga County still makes a memorable impression. But it’s part of the namesake that truly made Saratoga County a worldwide name. As the “Queen of the Spas,” prominent names such as Martin Van Buren and J.P. Morgan can be found staying in town which helped influence the wealth and social eliteness Saratoga County is now known for today. Come visit us and experience arts with the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, history with the National Museums of Racing and Dance and fun at the Saratoga Race Track. There’s so much more to explore and see – come find out for yourself!


Saratoga County's Hidden Gems

The information below was researched and gathered by Riley Willard:

Scribner Campus

Behind the beautiful Congress sits Skidmore's old campus. This campus was used from 1903 up until the construction of their new campus in 1964. Today, Empire State College resides in some of the buildings while others are now private residences. This area is conveniently located with it being three blocks away from Broadway. More information is availible on the Skidmore college website

Located inbetween Circular Street and Nelson Avenue in Saratoga Springs NY


The Dovegat House

Located in Schuylerville, The Dovegat House was the headquarters for General John Burgoyne of the British Army during his Saratoga campaign. The house is now privately owned but can be viewed from the roadside

Located along US Route 4 in Schuylerville NY




Stillwater Blockhouse

 Built in 1928 with timbers from Revolutionary War era structures, it served as the visitor center for the nearby Saratoga National Historic Park. In 1975 it was donated to the Town of Stillwater and in 1999 was placed on a water front park overlooking the hudson. The Blockhouse offers a glimpse of the life and conflict of 18th century colonists.The hours are listed on the Town of Stillwater’s website.

Loctaed on 692 Hudson Avenue in the Village of Stillwater along the Hudson River.  



Old Stone Church

Old stone church was one of the first churches in Milton. The church is located near the old town center and was believed to be the site of some of the first town meetings.The Old Stone Church also has ties to the abolitionist movement. The church was renovated in the early 80s and is still in use today. 

Located at 159 Stone Church Rd, Ballston Spa, NY


Old Stone

Coopers Cave

Located in South Glens Falls, Coopers Cave is a natural formation which was used as inspiration for parts of James Fenimore Cooper's American classic, The Last of the Mohicans. You can view the cave from the an observation deck close by.

Located at 46 Saratoga Ave, South Glens Falls, NY

Mount Pleasant Glass Factory

Located in Greenfield, The Mount Pleasant glass factory produced bottles for Saratoga's booming mineral water industry  from the early 1840s until the late 1860s. The factory brought with it workers and their families. A whole community sprouted out of the need for wood and supplies to feed the factory. The community included a tavern, saw mills, a school house and several family dwellings. The factory and many of the buildings have been reclaimed by nature leaving a dense forest in its place but with its close proximity to the road, you can walk through what's left of the factory and find chunks of the green glass that is unique to that area. The land is now owned by the state and is open to the public for recreational use such as camping and hiking.

Located in Lake Desolation State Forest in Greenfield,NY


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