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Together We Can Climb Up Any Mountain...Or Out Of Any Hole!

A personal note from Chamber President Todd Shimkus


We all face adversity, trauma, and tragedy in our lives. The reality is that life gets hard some times. Adversity is inevitable.

But there is hope. Everyone can be resilient. Resilience is defined as: “The process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or threats.”

All of the research on resilience is clear. People who develop resilience have relationships with people they trust. People they can count on.

Resilience is NOT about going it alone. Instead, resilience is about collaboration.

We can all get through this if we work together, collaborate and support each other. You can count on the Chamber. Our Board of Directors. Our professional staff. We're here to help you.

We're already collaborating with elected officials, public agencies, and other local membership and economic development organizations across Saratoga County and beyond to determine what actions we can take to help.

Here's three ways you can help us:

·    Are you open for business? What are your hours? What steps are you taking to ensure the health and safety of your customers who visit your place of business? Send us an email at and share this information with us. Include a photo. We will be using social media and our digital marketing resources to help push this out. If you will be posting this information on your own social media, please tag the Saratoga County Chamber and we will share with our 25,000 followers.

·    Do you deliver your products or services to customers? Do you do take-out? Let us know if you have special delivery programs or incentives that you'd like us to share! Be as specific as possible and send your information to For instance, we have a specific email database of more than 10,000 people we know what to dine-out in Saratoga County.

·    Are you cutting employee hours, reducing your workforce, or taking any other similar actions. I will keep your individual information confidential. We will look at the collective response to this question as we field questions about the impact particularly from elected officials who want to help. Send any insights you can offer to

And as always, please feel free to call us at 518-584-3255. Our offices in Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park are both open. We look forward to collaborating with all of you.

With Kindness,

Todd Shimkus

President, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

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