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A group of young people do yoga in the Park at sunset.

We're the #1 Healthiest County in the State!

Get Your Health On

Mineral waters, baths, spas, healthy foods, yoga & fitness?
You want it? We've got it.

Roosevelt Bath & Spa
1) Roosevelt Baths

People have been coming to the Roosevelt Baths for the "waters" for more than 100 years. You can partake in hydrotherapy, mineral baths, massages, facials, scrubs, body wraps, and a full-service salon. They're open daily from 9am to 7pm. It's a good idea to check ahead first and make a reservation.

farmers market
4) Healthy Foods

Organic, local, fresh. Yum. Don't miss our year-round Farmer's Market. or Four Seasons, the health food store and restaurant where all the locals go, or our fabulous organic and  farm-to-table restaurants. Healthy Living Market & Cafe is a great place to grab a bite or pick up a few groceries.

2) Yoga and Fitness Classes

Whether you want to rev up or slow down your heart beat, we've got some of the best places to do it. Are you into Martial Arts ? Maybe Tai Chi? How about a little yoga or do you prefer really working up a sweat with Hot Yoga? Or if you can't make up your mind between spinning,  swimming laps, Zoomba, working with Weights, or who knows what, the best thing to do check out our YMCA. It's spic n span, modern, and fabulous! And it really does have something for everyone.

spa facial
5) Body Pampering

What better way to destress then to indulge in a little "Me" time. No matter what kind of Spa or salon you're looking for, we have it. Full body massage? Check. Facial? Check. Uber high end? Check. Mani-pedi's? Check. Hair? Check.

family picnicking3)  Spa State Park

This is one of the best places in town to play golf (at a 4-star rated public course), swim at Victoria or Peerless pools, walk, run, bike, skate, snowshoe, or x-country ski. It's in town, many activities are free, and it's got 2,379- acres to explore. What are you waiting for?!

Saratoga mineral springs in a covered gazebo
6) Mineral Springs Tour

There are 20 springs you can visit. They are categorized as cathartic (laxative), alkaline (antacid), or chalybeate (high in iron). Go on the self-guided Tasting Tour. After you've had your fill of the strong tasting springs, do what Saratogians in the know do. Fill your drinking water jugs at the State Seal Springs, known for its delicious fresh water.

Want even more options? View our full list of health and wellness venues.

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