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horse and rider at track

2022 Summer Sweepstakes

Unbridled Joy!

The winner is Donna L. from Pittsburgh, PA.


Thanks for playing!

Be sure to come back next year and play again!


2022 Summer Sweepstakes Includes:

*Saratoga Springs has implemented Covid-19 Safety Plans so you can be assured that precautions have been taken to keep you healthy and well.


luxurious hotel bed

Deluxe Room Accommodations

Gourmet dinner plates

Sumptuous Dinner 

wine tasting

Wine Tasting at the Thirsty Owl

Couple in love drinks a white wine on summer picnic

Gourmet Picnic in the Park 

Roosevelt Bath & Spa

Mineral Bath for Two

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All-Anerican Celebration
Live Harness Racing
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